How can one destress their mind, body and soul? – World Mental Health Day

Waking up early in the morning, making up his mind for the day, march to his office, putting out his best at work was once a daily routine for Alexander. However, that's how he impressed his superiors and conquered his day. As days passed by, Alexander became the star of his team. He'd enjoy his workspace, and his personality, in turn, is an attention grabber. This reflects how healthy and fruitful is Alexander's mental state; Content.

Almost half of the world's population now shares Alexander's dream - to have a good 9 to 5 job with some extra added mental peace package. But, an increase in the economy suggests that the responsibility of a citizen is also increasing in terms of the company's growth. As a result, the mental health of an individual is deteriorating day by day. A growing number of developers are experiencing work-related mental health disorders, which include stress, exhaustion, fatigue, and loss of motivation. Deteriorating psychological state threatens not only the growth of the team but also the companies' overall productivity.

The novel Corona Virus outbreak has made the situation worse than usual. Having too many conference calls and meetings, feeling overworked, lack of physical activity has become major challenges.

Rather than operating in an exceedingly remote workplace or well-organized central office, some folks run their work in bedrooms, at room tables, and on sofas with a lot of distractions around. However, there are certain things to be grateful for, and some of them are spending time with their families and raised flexibility. Transport and accommodation problems are also sorted for a few engineers.

Tools to destress their mind, body and soul

Here are a few methods one can use in order to destress their mind and help it function in the best possible way; it also helps them stay active throughout their day and give their best at work.

1. Meditate and Physical Activities:

Studies across the globe suggest that meditation is the best way to declutter a messy mind. Mindful Yoga, on the other hand helps fight anxiety, blood pressure, depression and stress. It is not only limited to all these factors, but also include increased concentration and memory power. Inculcating physical activity in daily routines is another way to destress. Physical activity might raise the level of the brain's feel-good neurotransmitters, known as endorphins. 20 to 30 minutes of exercise each day, and having a plank break or stretches between work hours can make minds feel calmer.

2.Inculcating New Hobbies:

Learning a new hobby helps in taking time for oneself. And the longer you devote to become immersed in a hobby, the bigger is the satisfaction in the end. All of these exercise benefits can ease stress levels and give a sense of command over the body and life. Hobbies like cooking, drawing, learning a new language, gardening and reading a book can help open up to one's new world and encourage stretch the limit of imagination.

3.Healthy diet and good sleep:

A healthy diet and good sleep always go hand in hand. Some studies have shown us that high levels of Vitamin C might help bring down stress levels. A study published in 2015 January reports that 500mg of Vitamin C intake every day helped reduce stress levels in participants and also pointed a possible way to fight anxiety. While the brain focuses on debugging, eyes scroll down the documents, and your fingers type all the time, this level of multitasking can damage health in its best possible way. A night of good sleep is the best remedy to calm down this stressful activity of the brain.

4.Get Organized:

Starting a new day by organizing the workspace should be an important task so that the overall day goes smooth and happy. Decluttering the entire workstation, running errands away from the desk, sorting out emails and tasks to be taken forward helps maintain an organized flow of work, ultimately resulting in mental peace.

Wrapping up, Software Engineering jobs are often nerve-racking, filled with pressure to deliver typical technical challenges by the project deadlines. Further, finding solutions to ghastly problems drains the brain's energy every day. Our soft skills and social skills should stay sharp as a result of collaborating effectively brings higher results.

In fewer words, being an engineer is often exhausting at times, particularly for our minds. Taking time for self-care to recharge and excel in life outside of our work makes our lives proper. It rejuvenates us. It makes us a lot more productive. And it makes work happier and more fun!

Prasanna Kocherla
- Blogger